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Pioneering alternative
packaging in the South African
drinks sector

One PET glass at a time



Durable, High Quality Materials

Producer & Consumer Peace Of Mind


With the Right Technology, Great Things Can Happen

With more than 20 years of research and development and several prototypes tested in real-life scenarios,  a complete process for bottling wine (and other still drinks) using elegant PET single-serve glasses while ensuring a suitable shelf life and retaining all the original organoleptic qualities of the product, both in terms of taste and aroma, has been achieved.



The bottling process guarantees a prolonged shelf life of over 12 months, giving the producer peace of mind that their product's integrity is maintained over a substantial period of time. For the consumer, our products combine functional and aesthetically pleasing design in the form of a transparent vacuum sealed container for which the connoisseur can appreciate the true hue of their drink and enjoy the freshness retained for an optimal quality drink experience.

While the technology has been pivoted around wine due to the nature of the product, it successfully lends itself to cater to all other still drink products too.

Inert Process & Optimal Stability

The drink liquid does not undergo any transformation or manipulation, nor does it require additional additives or preservatives as it works through the circuit between the tank and the container. The liquid is protected from ambient air under inert gas guaranteeing during this phase, a dissolved oxygen supply of less than 0.5 mg/litre.

Quality Preservation, No Oxidation

Totally transparent yet rigid PET glasses designed to be ergonomic incorporate a conduction heat-sealing method to ensure properly sealed, durable and easily peelable opening of each glass and too offering a long conservation of the wine or still drink contained in each glass. Totally waterproof, the glass can be carried in a bag or a pocket without any worry making it functional and convenient.

Hermetic Vacuum Sealing

CO2 level is stabilized in wine up to 850mg/litre. All wines, even more delicate wines such as rosés and vins de primeur, can be put under vacuum conditions while preserving its original freshness and original organoleptic qualities as made by the winemaker.

Long Lifespan, Fully Recyclable

The bottling process guarantees a minimum lifespan of 12 months for white wines, and a minimum of 18+ months for red wines (and other still drinks). With its clear PET material, each glass satisfies the connoisseur visually, and is also 100% recyclable after use meaning a low carbon footprint on both creation, transportation and recycling.

Built for Producers and Connoisseurs, used and enjoyed by all

Assisting in meeting Triple Bottom Line initiatives, our PET packaging solutions offer producers an alternative to the traditional glass bottle, not only saving on costs, but has a positive impact on people and the planet too.

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Our Products

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Packaging is possibly one of the largest problems in the drinks producing industry; glass bottles are one of the largest contributors to large carbon footprint for producers.

With all of our PET products being more carbon-conscious  in the production process as well as being 100% recyclable, we're consciously contributing toward a greener industry.

Using our single-serve glasses lowers costs in warehouse handling and storage.  Our PET products also require significantly less energy to produce and therefore at scale, are considerably more cost effective to produce than glass.
Additional product offerings enables greater market accessibility for producers, contributing to the wealth of the industry. For the consumer of the 21st century, it means better options and better, more responsible drinking choices, without the producer losing out.
PET is a stable, inert material that does not react with food or beverages, and therefore has no impact on taste. In addition to being BPA-free, PET is the most widely recycled plastic on the planet and all of our products are 100% recyclable, therefore assisting in mitigating waste to landfills. Both production and transportation of PET products versus glass and tin cans are also substantially kinder on the planet in regards to carbon emissions.

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