Pioneering alternative packaging in the South African wine industry

Introducing producers and consumers to new ways of enjoying perfectly preserved refreshments, with convenience at the forefront of greener packaging solutions.

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Better for Producers, Better for the Planet

Assisting in meeting Triple Bottom Line initiatives, our PET packaging solutions offer producers an alternative to the traditional glass bottle, not only saving on costs, but has a positive impact on people and the planet too.

Innovation -Driven Alternatives

Pioneering technology serving the wine and still drinks producing industries globally, and now South Africa too, ensuring our producers are one step ahead in product offerings to the consumer.


Carbon Conscious

Cutting back on your carbon footprint in production and transport with our 100% recyclable PET products, giving you green peace of mind.

Next Generation Technologies

On-going Research and Development to ensure we continue to bring innovative solutions to our producers, keeping you current and meeting your bottom line needs.

Associated Brands

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